About us

On a mission…

RT SURFBOARDS was created in 2001, on a mission to offer the best solutions to surf better, have more fun and fully enjoy each session, whatever the surfer’s level and approach.

We had a clear vision (which remains more than ever the basis of everything we do) on the way to accomplish our mission: we wanted to develop an original structure, capable of offering the accessibility, availability and responsiveness of a local shaper, with the process, scope and mastery of an industrial organization…

This is much more than a marketing positioning: it is a global approach, which allows us to operate with incomparable efficiency ; not only to push the development of every shape, but also to constantly improve the relevance of our advice, the quality of our service, and, more generally, to really care about all the details that will make your experience really satisfying.

And since we are perfectionists, we continue tirelessly, with enthusiasm, to look for solutions to better meet your requirements…

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innovation et style…

Creating surfboards is like nothing else… A delicate blend of art and know-how, precision and feeling, performance and pleasure…

We take care to manufacture technical and functional boards, but also pleasant and elegant; innovative, with a strong personality and impeccable down to the smallest detail.

And more than anything, fun to surf.
After all, it’s easy to stay true to our values: everyone at RT SURFBOARDS is a surfer. . . . . We are our first customers.

A few numbers

To serve you better, to make you benefit from the best that our industry has to offer, we are both small enough to be reactive, and big enough to be efficient… . . We are very accessible to meet your needs, yet we are very structured, so that you can feel confident!


Boards manufactured since the creation of RT SURFBOARDS


Boards manufactured per year, in our factory in Anglet, France


Years of experience in the industry, accumulated by our team


All our boards are made in our factory in Anglet, France, the heart of the European surf industry.

CAD design, machine cutting, shaping, decoration, lamination, sanding and finishing: every stage of production is carried out in-house, to ensure that each board complies with customer requests and our quality standards.

Moreover, as we believe that to deliver quality work it is necessary to evolve in an adequate environment, we are proud to have establish (and to continue to develop) one of the most functional, clean and efficient organizations that you can find in the field.

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atelier shaper anglet france 2
atelier shaper anglet france 3
atelier shaper anglet france 4
atelier shaper anglet france 5
atelier shaper anglet france 6
atelier shaper anglet france 7
atelier shaper anglet france 8
rt surfboard shaper
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Driven by passion

“ I was born and lived for the first 20 years of my life in Bologna, Italy. Frustrated by the distance from the sea, after many trips I ended up settling in France during the 90s.
I shaped my first board in 1983, when I was 16, without really knowing how to do it, but taking devouring pleasure in the process… Having no mentors around me to guide my passion, during the next 15 years I observed and studied several shapers at work; I bought or shaped, and used myself, all kinds of boards; I have worked to polish my skills and educate my eyes and hands.
I finally created RT SURFBOARDS in Anglet in 2001, to give life to my own vision, to offer surfers my solutions.
This journey has left me really open minded, with a desire and a curiosity that are never satisfied. Thanks to this, all the exchanges with surfers, whatever their level, continue to nourish and enrich my know-how and push me to respond ever more effectively to their requirements. It’s a fire that keeps burning…”

Is what we are doing
working ?

The victories flatter our ego, of course, but more than that: they validate our ideas, reinforce our choices, and prove that we are capable of putting different surfers in condition to give the best of themselves, all around the globe, whatever the conditions.

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The collection

Discover the models of our range:
shapes with a strong personality, designed with a passionate attention to the detail. The result of several decades of research, with an obsession with efficiency, focusing on what is really important for the surfer.… Search by model, type, style, condition…