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Whether you are an athlete looking for the best result, a relentless weekend warrior or a passionate occasional surfer, our mission is to satisfy your desires and your needs, to allow you to surf better and to enjoy every session!

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The collection

Discover the models of our range: shapes with a strong personality, designed with a passionate attention to the detail.

The result of several decades of research, with an obsession with efficiency…

Board advisor

Unsure about your needs? Are you hesitating between several models? Do you have doubts about the most effective sizes?

A board that matches your need will allow you to catch more waves, go faster and draw bolder and more ambitious lines, surfing in a natural and instinctive way…

Here is the simple and effective method we use to select the board that best suits your profile…

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The right board
will unlock
your true potential…

Unleash your full potential to make the most of each session with a shape that is truly adapted to your needs: you will see the difference!

Raise your level…

Innovation & Technology

We believe that every detail, from the choice of the model and the optimization of the measurements, all the way through the design and the construction, is equally important to ensure the best results…

That’s why we put a great effort in selecting the best materials and we try to find the smartest solutions to combine them.

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Colors !

Want color ? You have carte blanche!

Many different styles are available to satisfy virtually every request

Looking for inspiration? Explore our archive with 100+ colored boards…

Test center

Test, evaluate and choose the boards that best suit your needs.

Try and compare different shapes, to feel and understand how they work (or not) for you.

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