Test center

Test centers

We created our test centers to give you a better understanding of which boards are best suited to match your requirements.

We love all shapes, but… not all shapes suit all surfers!

Try and compare different models, feel and understand how they work (or not) for you; explore or confirm the measurement best suited for your needs…

Your sessions will never be the same again!

How does it work?

Come without restraint: the test center is open to everybody, with no obligation to purchase; you can try several boards and the procedure on site is very simple (you can also contact us to find out the list of available boards and possibly reserve one):


From the available models, choose the board you want to try


Complete the form to register your personal details and identity information


Surf the board for one or more sessions to discover its character


4. Bring the board back and share your feelings, either to finalize a purchase or to enrich us with your information

surf shaper anglet 1
surf shaper anglet 2
surf shaper anglet 3


About 60 test boards are available all year round at the Boutique RT in Anglet.
We have (almost) all our models available, each in several sizes, so that all surfers will find what they are looking for.

We are on a mission to help you in your choices and to provide a unique experience…

Z.A. du Redon, 4 allée des Artisans 64600 Anglet, France
E-mail : info@rtsurfboards.com
Tel : 05 59 63 12 45


From April to November, you will find a selection of boards at the Cheeky Family Surf School & Camp, in Lacanau Océan.

Dimitri, Mélaine and their staff will be available to welcome you and give you all the advice and information you might need.

5 route du Lion 33680 Lacanau Océan
E-mail : contact.cheekyfamily@gmail.com
Tel : 06 51 36 15 78

surf shaper lacanau 1
surf shaper lacanau 2
shaper surf guadeloupe 1
shaper surf guadeloupe 2
shaper surf guadeloupe 3


More than 30 boards available, several models, in multiple sizes, for all surfers and all level; for testing, rentals and sale…

For information, to try a board or to ask for advice, contact Gatien Delahaye: he will be more than happy to answer your requests.

E-mail : delahaye.gatien@gmail.com
Tel : +33 6 60 48 08 89

San Sebastian / Donostia

Around 30 boards are available for testing, rental and sale at the Kersala surf school, ideally located in front of the Zurriola beach.

Ander, Marco and Patricia are available to welcome, advise and support you…

Ramon y Cajal Kalea, 1, 20002 Donostia, Guipuzkoa, Espagne
E-mail : info@kresalasurf.com
Tel : +34 630 271 384

collection rt surfboards

The collection

Discover the models of our range:
shapes with a strong personality, designed with a passionate attention to the detail. The result of several decades of research, with an obsession with efficiency, focusing on what is really important for the surfer.… Search by model, type, style, condition…

Board advisor

Unsure about your needs?
Are you hesitating between several models?
Do you have doubts about the most effective sizes?
A board that matches your need will allow you to catch more waves, go faster and draw bolder and more ambitious lines, surfing in a natural and instinctive way…
Here is the simple and effective method we use to select the board that best suits your profile…

photo advisor