Make your experience unique…

Above all, of course, we offer solutions concerning the design and the production of surfboards; but, to ensure that your experience is exciting as a whole, we also strive to innovate and excel in welcoming, listening, advising, supporting… and also in responsiveness, logistics and reliability…

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Live Like This…

RT SURFBOARDS was created in 2001, with the mission of offering solutions to surf better, have more fun and fully enjoy each session, whatever the surfer level and approach.


Talents and strong characters, that push the envelope and keep us sharp!

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The collection

Discover the models of our range:
shapes with a strong personality, designed with a passionate attention to the detail. The result of several decades of research, with an obsession with efficiency, focusing on what is really important for the surfer.… Search by model, type, style, condition…

Innovation & Technology

We believe that how a board is made is as important as how it is shaped…

For technical reasons, of course, but also for a responsible resource management.

That’s why we put a great effort in selecting the best materials and we try to find the smartest solutions to satisfy your requirements.

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rt surfboards la boutique

La Boutique RT
à Anglet

A mix between a showroom and a shop, with the atmosphere of an art gallery…

A place entirely dedicated to the passion for surfboards, where you will feel good sharing ideas and experiences, getting advice and choosing your boards and the finest accessories.

Test center

Test, evaluate and choose the boards that best suit your needs.

Try and compare different shapes, to feel and understand how they work (or not) for you.

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