La Boutique RT à Anglet

A mix between a showroom and a shop, with the atmosphere of an art gallery…

rt surfboards boutique anglet
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History and commitment

We opened our first showroom in Anglet in spring 2005.
Since then, we have undertaken numerous changes to expand, improve and energize the space, ensuring that it always remains true to our original vision: a place entirely dedicated to the passion for surfboards, where you will feel comfortable to share your ideas and experiences, to get advice and choose your boards and the best accessories.

Knowledgeable advice

Because we ourselves are passionate about the products we build and because that’s all we do, we fully understand the needs of surfers and we are able to serve them in the best possible way.

More than anything, we love to share our knowledge and our passion: our mission is to help each surfer, to enable them to choose the board best suited to their requirements…

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surf boutique conseil pays basque
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exposition surf pays basque


Blurring the line between art and functionality…
Not only does the atmosphere of the store recall that of an art gallery… from time to time we organize real exhibitions which highlight artists who have touched us.

Test Center

At La Boutique RT, with the Test Center you have more than 60 boards available, fully equipped, ready to be surfed.

Almost every model in our range is available, in several sizes, so that every surfer can find a suitable board.

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Fins, pads, leashes, covers…
we have selected the best accessories for you, so that your boards are ideally equipped…
FCS, Gorilla, Futures, Creature of Leisure, DaKine…


At the Boutique we have plenty of possibilities to respond to your requests, solve your problems and improve your experience: rentals, second hands, repairs, cleaning, dewaxing, pads replacements, decorations, consignment sales…

Ask us: we have solutions!

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