Surf Better

Surf better

Some time ago, when thinking about the difference in level between the “normal” surfers and the very good ones, one of the reasons justifying this gap struck me as obvious…

Unlike what happens in most sports, the majority of the surfers feel “free to be alone”, progressing and evolving (painfully) without being advised or helped.

Meanwhile (here is the difference), the very good surfers optimize their level by being trained and coached…
Whether in technique and gestures, in reading the wave or in the choice of the best lines, having the right basics makes all the difference!

From this reflection, I wanted to make accessible a network of professionals with recognized skills, capable of raising your game.
If you want to improve your level, use your board to its full potential, surf better and for longer, go for it!

power surf center
power surf center 2

Power Surf Center

Former pro surfer, coach of elite surfers, Romain Laulhé can boast indisputable competence in high-level surfing.

He and his staff will be able to help you progress whatever your level…

Pulse Surf Coaching

Gautier Garanx is one of the major figures in French and European big surfing (a tow-in specialist).

Experienced, serious, equipped… If you are motivated to engage in solid waves (but not only that), he will know how to give you the confidence to challenge your limits…

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pulse surf coaching 2
pulse surf coaching 3
emmanuelle joly surf coaching 1
emmanuelle joly surf coaching 2

Emmanuelle JolySurf Coaching

Emmanuelle Joly has been part of the elite of women’s surfing for three decades.

Competitor, traveler, teacher and above all passionate, she shares her technical background to help you advance in the best conditions…

KRS Coaching

Sports coach and surfer, Chris Herrscher has many “crossed” skills which allow him to offer specific fitness programs, designed for surfing…

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