Innovation & technology

Innovation & technology

We believe that every detail is important to ensure the best efficiency: from design to construction, from the choice of model to the optimization of measurements…

For technical reasons, of course, but also for a responsible resource management.

That’s why we strive to select the best materials available, and we try to combine them in the smartest possible way.

PU/polyester, EPS/Epoxy, recycled materials, specific reinforcements, building techniques… depending on the models and requirements, we look for the most effective solutions to offer performance, solidity and durability.

surf pu polyester 2
surf pu polyester 1
surf pu polyester

PU / Polyester

The classic construction, mastered in every detail.
Efficient, practical and modular, this technology remains
the most versatile and popular for any type of board.
We offer PU/polyester technology in three
versions :
Classic : with normal fiberglass (E-glass), without
reinforcements on the tail. Ideal for light surfers.
Premium : with S-glass fiber on the deck and reinforcements on
the tail. The excellence in polyester construction,
top efficiency for all profiles.
Polyola : the same characteristics as the premium
version, with a recycled foam.

Glassing options:

Each surfer has his own vision and his own feelings on his board: some will prefer the lightest possible, others will prefer the strongest, the most durable, or the most sustainable one…

In addition, depending on the conditions in which the board will be used, a specific type of construction may be more or less suitable.

Here are some popular and effective combinations to get different levels of performance or strength.
If you are looking for your own perfect balance, ask us: we are listening!

Cloth weight : 4oz. = 125 g/m2 ; 6oz. = 190 g/m2

surf eps epoxy
surf eps epoxy 1

EPS / Epoxy

The lightness of the polystyrene foam (EPS) gives more room to adapt the stratification to find, according to the model and the wishes of the surfer, the good compromise between lightness and solidity.

The polystyrene foam, thanks to a lesser density than those in polyurethane (PU), provides more buoyancy.
Furthermore, the EPS/Epoxy boards under stress “vibrate” with a higher frequency, offering more liveliness.

For all these characteristics, this technology is very effective to boost the small waves models, and it is particularly appreciated by large and/or heavy surfers.

EPS / Epoxy / Carbon

All the characteristics of EPS/Epoxy technology, enhanced by a carbon lamination, making the board even more reactive and solid.

After numerous comparative tests, we opted to put the carbon where it is most effective, on the deck, leaving the bottom in fiberglass, to prevent the board from becoming too stiff.
While ensuring increased longevity, this construction will boost performance, especially in small conditions.

surf eps epoxy carbone 1
surf eps epoxy carbone 2
surf eps epoxy carbone 3
surf eps epoxy carbone 4
surf eps epoxy carbone 5
surf eps epoxy carbone 6
surf eps epoxy carbone 7
surf eps epoxy carbone 8
surf tail reinforcement

Tail reinforcements

We offer different tail reinforcements, optimized for efficiency depending on the type of board and its use.

For the hi-performance models, the tail bands on the rails effectively protect a critical part of the board, subjected to strong pressures.
Two versions available:

1. With Innegra (white) threads, a little more flexible but almost unbreakable, ideal for surfers with a fluid style
2. With carbon (black) threads, stiffer and stronger, ideal for powerful surfers

For wider, bigger models, on which we have to move the rear foot, a full fiberglass patch, covering the last 50 centimeters of the board approximately, offers more relevant protection. Patch in E-glass or S-glass depending on the weight and power of the surfer…

Stringer or

All our boards are made with blanks with stringer, a guarantee of shape fidelity and consistency.

Indeed, blanks without stringer are so flexible that they present a significant risk of deformation during production (unless they are forced into a mold, which is the opposite of what we do).

While in the designing and shaping we strive to be precise to the millimeter, it seems unacceptable to us to lose control of the shape of the board during its construction, with the risk of delivering non-compliant boards…

So, whatever the construction, even when we use reinforcing bands (carbon or other material), our boards always have a stringer!

rtsurfboards stringer 3
rtsurfboards stringer 2
surf double concave desk 1
surf double concave desk 2
surf double concave desk 3

Double Concave Deck

All of our boards under 20.00” wide feature the Double Concave Deck.

This double concave deck shape offers many interesting advantages, leaving complete freedom to design all kinds of proportions and rail profiles:

1. A slightly lower center of gravity, allowing the feet to ”sink” into the board, thus offering more control and a more direct feeling

2. Better ergonomics, with a deck contour that naturally adapts to the morphology of the foot, offering a wider and more comfortable contact area.

3. A more resistant construction, which makes the fiber work more efficiently under your feet, in traction rather than in compression, limiting deformations.

As a result, the boards are easier to surf, more reliable and they last longer!

Reversed Apex

Originally inspired by some classic egg or mid-length shapes, we refined and optimized this rail design to increase the efficiency of all our models.

It is a design of the rails which unfolds gradually, starting from the middle of the board, with an increasingly higher apex going towards the nose, creating a very rounded profile of the lower part of the rail, becoming really soft on the last 30 cm.

Thanks to this design, the front part delivers a very sincere and forgiving character, keeping the nose out of the water, helping to save extreme situations and pushing the limits of the possible.

surf reversed apex
repartition volume planche surf

Volume distribution

In our endless quest for efficiency, volume distribution is one of the major areas of research in recent years.

Volume distribution is really worth getting more attention, as it is one of the aspects who has the most impact on the performances of a board: the ease in taking-off, the positioning of the feet, the level of forgiveness, how the rail sets through turns,… all of this, and more, is linked to it!

For this reason, each shape in our range has a specific volume distribution, studied to match its characteristics and enhance its qualities.


Customize your board making it truly unique.
The RT X-lab is the place to give birth to your most exceptional projects…

Avant-garde creations, with technical and stylistic sophistication taken to the extreme, whether using exotic materials or through extraordinary customizations.

Nous sommes à votre écoute, pour transformer vos rêves en réalité !

rt surfboards xlab 1
personnalisation planche surf 3
personnalisation planche surf 2
rt surfboards xlab 2
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personnalisation planche surf 6
planche surf couleurs

Colors !

Want color ? You have carte blanche!

Many different styles are available to satisfy virtually every request

Looking for inspiration? Explore our archive with 100+ colored boards…

Board advisor

Unsure about your needs?
Are you hesitating between several models?
Do you have doubts about the most effective sizes?
A board that matches your need will allow you to catch more waves, go faster and draw bolder and more ambitious lines, surfing in a natural and instinctive way…
Here is the simple and effective method we use to select the board that best suits your profile…

photo advisor
collection rt surfboards

The collection

Discover the models of our range:
shapes with a strong personality, designed with a passionate attention to the detail. The result of several decades of research, with an obsession with efficiency, focusing on what is really important for the surfer.… Search by model, type, style, condition…