Order a board

Order a board

Whatever your level or profile, our mission is to create boards that will satisfy your specific needs and desires, to allow you to enjoy your passion with as much pleasure as possible.

To ensure that ordering your board is a pleasant, even exciting, experience, we strive to put in place clear, efficient and safe procedures; whether at points of sale or remotely (we ship throughout Europe and, occasionally, even further away)…

How does it work?

While waiting to find a satisfactory solution to “automate” orders (this is not the case, to date), we believe that it is essential to exchange some information, to ensure that all the details meet your expectations…
A few cases :

Standard dimensions

You know what you want? Go for it! Complete and send us the form with your information: we will answer you with all the practical details (lead time, delivery, price, payment, etc.) so that you can receive your board in the best conditions and as quickly as possible.

Custom made

Want to customize your board?
Choose specific measurements or customize other details of the shape?
Do you want to make your board unique, with the decoration/colors of your choice?
Contact us: we will bring your project to life!

Ask for advice

Not sure what you need?
Or are you unsure about how to express your preferences?
You don’t have to be an expert: we are here to listen to you, answer your questions and offer you solutions.
Contact us, by message or by phone, to simply tell us what you are looking for: we will help you choose the most suitable board…

Book a meeting

Reserve a time slot to call us (or have us call you), by phone or video: https://calendly.com/contact-rtsurfboards/20min

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