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Kingpin Step-up

A performer for solid conditions,
for powerful surfers

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Controlled explosiveness

The qualities of the Icon model, optimized to offer more efficiency in solid conditions: easy take-off, sincerity, precision at high speed.

Comfortable in hollow and tubular waves, but also able to offer maneuverability and drive, to draw both ample and aggressive lines.

Elegance and efficiency

More length and thickness compared to normal, for better paddling capabilities; an optimized volume distribution to improve control…

Balanced proportions and planing area, to easily generate speed and maintain excellent maneuverability.

This shape delivers a mix of power and fluidity, perfectly adapted to draw bold lines in solid waves, for surfers with a powerful and committed style.

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rt surfboard the kingpin stepup shaper

Shaper’s breakdown

I created this shape to offer to the powerful surfers liking the KingPin model, a board still matching their style, but more adapted to solid conditions, typically between overhead and double overhead.

Keeping the same basics of the KingPin model (full rocker, deep single concave, aggressive foil with thin tail and nose), I modified a few key details to achieve the desired result: more thickness; the rocker line slightly straighter; the concave a little less deep; a pulled-in tail, ending with a round tail. ”

Size chart

We think it is pointless to provide a size-chart for this model: for best results, we advise you to choose this model primarily according to the size of the waves you want to surf…

To get some balanced measurements, typically choose a shape between 2’’ and 4’’ longer than your board for “normal” waves, with an equivalent width, and a thickness between 1/8’’ and 1/4’’ higher.

If you need advice to choose the solution that best meets your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be more than happy to advise you.

rt surfboard the kingpin stepup tech board

More tech

The outline draws a fluid and balanced line, with a round tail not too tight.

The bottom is single concave the full length of the board, with a slight double concave between the side fins.

The rocker is moderate and progressive, with a relatively mellow curve in the center gradually increasing forwards and backwards.

The volume is evenly distributed, with fairly thin nose and tail and a sharp tail.

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Choose the construction
according to your requirements

How a board is made is as important as how it is shaped: the choice of materials used for its construction and the way of assembling them affects its weight, strength and efficiency…

To meet your requirements and optimize your sessions, our boards are available in five different constructions, each with its own technical specificity and effective in its own way.

(To find out more about materials, you can consult the INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY page)

Classic PU


Classic PU construction
mastered in every detail
ideal for lightweight

– Versatile
– Handy
– Sincere

– PU blank
– Polyester resin
– E-glass bottom
– E-glass top
– Stringer reinforcement

€ 720.00 TTC

Premium PU


The excellence in
PU construction,
flawlessly efficient
in all conditions

– Efficient
– Functional
– Stronger

– PU blank
– Polyester resin
– E-glass bottom
– S-glass top
– Stringer reinforcement
– Tail reinforcement

€ 750.00 TTC



Foam made from
recycled PU scraps
and recyclable ; efficient
and responsible

– Recycled
– Recyclable
– Strong

– Polyola blank
– Polyester resin
– E-glass bottom
– S-glass top
– Stringer reinforcement
– Tail reinforcement

€ 780.00 TTC

premium eps expoxy


Light, strong and with
more buoyancy, ideal
for small and medium conditions

– Light
– Dynamic
– Strong

– Hi-density EPS blank
– Epoxy resin
– E-glass bottom
– S-glass top
– Stringer reinforcement
– Tail reinforcement

€ 820.00 TTC



Performance booster,
ideal for committed
surfing, in small and
medium conditions

– Light
– Super responsive
– Extra strong

– Hi-density EPS blank
– Epoxy resin
– E-glass bottom
– Stringer reinforcement
– Carbon top

€ 890.00 TTC

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