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Confidence booster…

Designed to be comfortable in fast and hollow conditions, when you need more paddling power and to control the power of the wave.

The perfect tube-rider, sincere and efficient, this shape will widen your comfort zone in solid conditions.

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A design blending flowing lines that favor smooth and sincere reactions, this model gives you the ability to drive through the steepest sections, leaving the freedom to draw bold trajectories.

The thickness is important in the center, to improve paddling efficiency, but the rails are adjusted to the size and style of the surfer… with a pulled-in, thin and sharp rear, to guarantee impeccable driving and precision.

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shaper vmax

Shaper’s breakdown

I developed this shape with the goal of offering a specific and supremely efficient model for powerful, hollow waves.

Carrying less explosiveness compared to a step-up, but able to offer easier wave entry, more control and a soothy trusty feeling.

A very smooth rocker line, complemented with a simple V bottom (with only a touch of double concave), makes this shape very fluid and easy to drive, to find the ideal line.

The significant thickness in the center, with the help of an appropriate length, allows early entry into the wave. La répartition du volume et le profil des rails assurent la sincérité et la précision qu’on demande à ce type de planche !”

Size chart

We think it is pointless to provide a size-chart for this model: for best results, we advise you to choose this model primarily according to the size of the waves you want to surf: just a few inches longer than your everyday board, and you’ll have an ideal step-up for hollow waves; longer versions will expand your comfort zone in more consistent conditions.

To get balanced measurements you typically choose a width equivalent to that of your ”normal” wave board, adding between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thickness, to improve paddling capabilities.

If you need advice on choosing the most suitable solution for your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be more than happy to advise you.

v max tech board

More tech

The outline draws a fluid line, ending with a reasonably narrow round tail, designed to deliver the right balance between lift and control.

The bottom has a progressive V, more and more marked going toward the tail and doubled by a slight double concave in the central part.

The rocker line is very progressive, with a moderate curve, offering control and sincerity.

The volume is important in the center of the board, with the ends quite thin, to ensure sensitivity and precision at high speed.

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Choose the construction
according to your requirements

How a board is made is as important as how it is shaped: the choice of materials used for its construction and the way of assembling them affects its weight, strength and efficiency…

To meet your requirements and optimize your sessions, our boards are available in five different constructions, each with its own technical specificity and effective in its own way.

(To find out more about materials, you can consult the INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY page)

Classic PU


Classic PU construction
mastered in every detail
ideal for lightweight

– Versatile
– Handy
– Sincere

– PU blank
– Polyester resin
– E-glass bottom
– E-glass top
– Stringer reinforcement

€ 720.00 TTC

Premium PU


The excellence in
PU construction,
flawlessly efficient
in all conditions

– Efficient
– Functional
– Stronger

– PU blank
– Polyester resin
– E-glass bottom
– S-glass top
– Stringer reinforcement
– Tail reinforcement

€ 750.00 TTC



Foam made from
recycled PU scraps
and recyclable ; efficient
and responsible

– Recycled
– Recyclable
– Strong

– Polyola blank
– Polyester resin
– E-glass bottom
– S-glass top
– Stringer reinforcement
– Tail reinforcement

€ 780.00 TTC

premium eps expoxy


Light, strong and with
more buoyancy, ideal
for small and medium conditions

– Light
– Dynamic
– Strong

– Hi-density EPS blank
– Epoxy resin
– E-glass bottom
– S-glass top
– Stringer reinforcement
– Tail reinforcement

€ 820.00 TTC



Performance booster,
ideal for committed
surfing, in small and
medium conditions

– Light
– Super responsive
– Extra strong

– Hi-density EPS blank
– Epoxy resin
– E-glass bottom
– Stringer reinforcement
– Carbon top

€ 890.00 TTC

V-Max from € 720.00TTC Order your board
planche surf couleurs

Colors !

Want color ? You have carte blanche!

Many different styles are available to satisfy virtually every request

Looking for inspiration? Explore our archive with 100+ colored boards…

Test center

Test, evaluate and choose the boards that best suit your needs.

Try and compare different shapes, to feel and understand how they work (or not) for you.

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