Tow-in, tow-at, step-off…
This shape is optimized for extreme conditions.

180BPM rtsurfboards shape2
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Pure adrénaline !

A model meant to be used with assisted take-off, capable to deliver the confidence necessary to express themselves at his best in extreme conditions.

Stability at high speed, confidence in the hollowest parts of the wave, trust leaning on the rail, sincerity in reactions…

All the characteristics of this model are optimized to get you through the most exhilarating sensations.

Pushing the boundaries,
by mastering the elements…

With no concern about paddling efficiency, all the details are designed to ensure the best mix of speed, control, hold and riding comfort.

The shape finds its balance in the fine blend of the different elements: fairly wide rear, moderate concave depth and quite generous rail profile (for this type of board).

The thickness line, especially in the front part, has a specific design, aimed at optimizing both the weight distribution and the aerodynamics of the board.

Particular attention is paid to defining the ideal weight, according to the conditions to be faced, to allow the board to react in the most appropriate way.

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rt surfboards big wave model 1080bpm 3
rt surfboards 180BPM 3
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rt surfboards big wave shape
rt surfboards big wave shape 2

Shaper’s breakdown

This model has really specific lines: taking the take-off powered assistance for granted, I was free to focus exclusively to the efficiency on the face of the wave.

To develop a model that can be used in extreme conditions, I spoke at length with surfers to understand what aspects were really essential in the heat of the moment…
The feedback pushed me to develop a shape that was above all sincere and easy to use, delivering flawless confidence and trust.

The proportions of the outline, the rocker line, the depth of the concaves, the volume distribution and the profile of the rails all blend into a balanced and efficient mix.

The choices of stratification and the possible addition of extra weight allow the efficiency of the board to be precisely adjusted.”

Size chart

For this type of board, more than the measurements, it is interesting to optimize the weight and its distribution, depending on the wave conditions and size you expect to face…
Here is an idea for the appropriate weight, depending on the conditions (weight of the board excluding fins and footstraps):
For solid conditions: approximately 4.0 Kg
For very solid conditions: approximately 6.0 Kg
For very, very solid conditions: approximately 8.0 Kg
If you need advice on choosing the most suitable solution for your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be more than happy to advise you.

tech board 180bpm rt surfboards

More tech

The outline has a narrow and fluid design, ideal for drawing sweeping lines at high speed; the tail is reasonably wide, to provide the right support for the rear foot, with a specific design to reduce drag at high speed.

The progressive and moderate rocker line and the subtly measured single concave deliver a fluid and sincere character.

The thickness is distributed harmoniously, with a front section designed to improve weight distribution and aerodynamic efficiency.

rt surfboards big wave model

Choose the construction
according to your requirements

Tow boards, particularly due to their “small” size, require specific choices of construction, to ensure ideal strength and weight depending on the conditions they will have to face…

surfboard heavy


PU construction,
hi-density blank,
specific glass work
according to requirement

– Versatile
– Handy
– Sincere

– PU blank hi-density
– Polyester resin
– Multi glass top & bottom
– Convert fin set-up
– Foot straps plugs
– Color

€ 1200.00 TTC

surfboad heavy 1


PU construction,
hi-density blank,
extra glass + weight
according to requirement

– Strength
– Inertie
– Control

– PU blank hi-density
– Polyester resin
– Extra glass top & bottom
– Lest
– Convert fin set-up
– Foot straps plugs
– Color

€ 1400.00 TTC

180BPM from € 1200.00TTC Order your board
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Colors !

Want color ? You have carte blanche!

Many different styles are available to satisfy virtually every request

Looking for inspiration? Explore our archive with 100+ colored boards…

Test center

Test, evaluate and choose the boards that best suit your needs.

Try and compare different shapes, to feel and understand how they work (or not) for you.

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