We believe that the way a board is built is as important as the way it is shaped!

That’s why we put a great effort in selecting the best materials and we try to find the smartest solutions to combine them.

Here are some popular and effective combinations with traditional PU/polyester:

We think that our standard construction is the best combination to get the right mix of performance, durability, and sustainability.
At the same time we are well aware that every surfer has his own vision on how his board should feel!
Some will prefer the lightest possible, some other will prefer the strongest, most lasting one, and so on…

If you are looking for your own perfect balance, we offer a broad choice of materials, technologies and combinations that will meet virtually every demand.





Epoxy :
We offer many different versions of eps/epoxy construction :
standard, with stringer, or stringerless with different carbon reinforcements for specific dynamic flex.

Unlike other ‘’new age’’ technology, more than often limiting the shaper freedom, we take care of keeping our “alternative” constructions very customer friendly, in order to be able to build the boards around the surfer’s needs as usual.






Tail Reinforcement
Tail reinforcements became standard nowadays and a wide array of specific materials have been made available.

Still, not many surfers are aware that the type of tail reinforcement they get will affect the way their board will react and wear.

We have quite a good experience in the field, having started to play with tail reinforcements since more than a decade now… and we love to share our knowledge.

If you want your board to be tuned to your very personal style, be curious :
ask for more !