RT Board Shop Anglet

Z.A. du Redon
4 allée des Artisans
64600 Anglet, France

Open Monday to Saturday
10:00 to 12:30  /  14:30 to 19:00

Tel: +33 559 63 12 45
We speak English, Français and Italiano

e-mail: info@rtsurfboards.com

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History & philosophy:

We opened our first showroom in Anglet during
the spring of 2005. Since then we went through
many changes to expand, upgrade and enhance
the space, to make it the way we want it to be: a
mix between a showroom and a shop, with the
atmosphere of an art gallery…

A space completely dedicated to the boardriding
passion, where you feel good sharing ideas and
experiences, get some knowledgeable advice
and choose among heaps of boards and the
finest accessories.

Furthermore, at the RT showrooms you’ll find an
ever-evolving quiver of test boards, fully equipped,
ready to be surfed (for free).
We love to try all types of shapes and we think
that every surfer should have the possibility to
test different boards in order to really understand
how they feel and how they work for him.

Not only trying different models and different sizes
is fun, but in the process you might learn a couple
of things that will make you surf better!