we make surfboards.

That’s all we make

Because we believe that building surfboards is unlike doing anything else.
A delicate blend of art and craftsmanship, precision and feeling, performance and fun…

We are driven to make boards that are technical and functional, but nice and elegant as well.
Innovative, with a strong personality and impeccable to the detail.

And yes, more than anything, fun to ride.

After all, it’s easy to stay true to our values: everyone at RT surfboards is
a surfer. We are our first customers.

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l’atelier :

All our boards are made in our factory in Anglet, France, at the heart of the European surf industry.

CAD design, machine cutting, hand shape, glassing, sanding and finishing :
every step of the production is made in-house, as a way to make sure that every single board
will meet our own standard of quality.

Furthermore, as we believe that good work is the byproduct of good working places,
we are very proud to have a state of the art factory,
one of the most functional, cleanest and efficient organization you might find in the industry.

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Want to learn more? Get in touch with us:

Just click here : contact

You can get in touch through our facebook page :
RT surfboards

You can contact us by e-mail.
Use the e-mail if you want to send us an image
or any file you want to share.

Come visit us : check & touch the real boards,
test a model you are interested in, or just say hello !
The shop is open everyday, Monday to Saturday,
10h00 to 12h30 and 14h30 to 19h00.

You might want to have a chat : call us !  +33 559 63 12 45
We speak English, Français and Italiano…

RT surfshop,
Z.A. du Redon
4 allée des Artisans
64600 Anglet – France