The way the fins are affecting the general performances of a shape is something you really shouldn’t underestimate!

Choosing the right fins for your weight, your style and the conditions you’re surfing in, is key to get the most out of your boards.

That’s why we selected the brands offering the best quality and the broadest range of models: original Futures fins or FCS removable fin-systems (or glass-on, for the ones staying true to the tradition).



Keep in mind that the boards don’t come with fins :
you can take advantage of a broad selection of models,
materials, outlines, foils and stiffness to choose the right option for your weight, your style and your budget.


Needing to better understand how the right fins
will help you surf better?
Feel free to contact us: we love to share
informations and tech talks.



Every model of our range is available on demand as a trifin, quattro or convert, with a specific fin set-up for every shape.



Check the inventory from futures fins and from FCS to find the blades that suit your needs.