13 May 2019 Alberto

Top spots at the English Nationals!

First and second at the English National Championship… we can’t complain!

01 Podium

Jayce Robinson and Reubyn Ash were on top of the podium at the English National Championship 2019, held at Perranporth.

Jayce Robinson made a statement for his come-back in comp mode: first contest, first victory!

04 Jayce

03 Jayce

Jayce had put on hold his competitive career for the last few years… After winning all the major events of the English tour, he had the desire to explore different way of surfing and different types of boards.

As he announced us that he was willing to go back into contest surfing, we worked during the winter to give him the rights boards to surf in front of judges.

06 Jayce Q2

The winning board is a SuperCharged 5’8‘‘ x 18.20‘‘ x 2.13‘‘ – 24,2L. ID:55,7  Squash tail, that Jayce feels to have the perfect mix of speed, projection and maneuverability.


At the second place, Reubyn Ash, at the highest level one again, confirmed to be a staple of the english scene. Reubyn consistency on podiums (more than often on the top spot) is truly remarkable and we are delighted to be part of his success and to be consistent in the endless quest for excellence.

02 Reubyn

05 Reubyn

Reubyn enjoys an eclectic quiver of boards, keeping the measurements quite level, but changing models: SpiceBox, Spark, SuperCharged, Icon et KingPin are among his preferred.

07 Reubyn Q

The SuperCharged had to be really well suited for the conditions, since Reubyn as well elected to surf this model for English Nationals: a 5’11‘‘ x 18.88‘‘ x 2.30‘‘ – 27,8L. ID:73,3  Squash tail for him.

The SuperCharged is a reliable model, suited for everything from 2 to 6ft. With a fairly straight rocker line, a deep concave running the whole length, healthy planing area and volume, this shape is deadly efficient and comfortable at the same time..


Available with standard sizes or custom, the SuperCharged is a well rounded performance shortboard, delivering heaps of drive even in weak conditions.

If you want more information about this model, hit the link here: –>SuperCharged

Interested in ordering a board tailored to your needs? Go to –> Custom

Jayce Robinson can be a focused competitor, but he likes as well surfing unconventional boards: have a look at him, surfing his home spot with a Rover 5’0‘‘ (video by Warbey)…