29 November 2018 Alberto

Gift Card

We created a gift card tailored to satisfy your wishes: no matter the occasion, make a memorable present!

Choose the budget, choose the offer, choose the style…

We will customize your gift to match and fit every situation.

Our gift card are available in two versions: actual card or digital.

Actual card version:

You can get a gift card at our shop in Anglet, or we can send the card to your address, for you to personally hand or send the gift card to the person of your choice.

The card folder is made to give you plenty of space to hand-write a message and sign.

We can also sign and deliver the gift card in your behalf.

Digital version:

We will send to the person of your choice a virtual (still printable) gift card by e-mail.

Along with the card, you will have the possibility to attach a personal message of your choice.

The person receiving the card will only have to contact us with the number of the card to claim and collect the gift, place an order or get delivered!


We made our gift card to be exactly the way it should be!

You are not caged within a limited selection of choices and amounts…

You can choose among all the board models, options, accessories and services we offer, with no fixed budget.

To get a card and select the gift, set-up all the details and delivery option you can:

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