4 April 2019 Alberto

Gatien Delahaye wins in Peru

Massive congrats to Gatien Delahaye, winner of the WSL QS 3000 Claro Open Pro.

(Version française ici)

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After a string of promising results during the Australian leg, Gatien really ignited in Peru, coming up on top of a fierce international field, displaying a flamboyant backside attack, mixing powerful rail gouges and air rotations.

Yet the logistics leading to the contest were far from ideal: a late arrival from Australia, 15 hours jet lag and only two boards available, thanks to a problem with the airline refusing to carry his boardbag!

Despite that, Gatien was quick to find his rhythm on the clean 3 to 4 ft. lefts, feeling good on his KingPin 6‘1“, which, by his own words: “can generate so much drive and speed off the bottom turns, that you can constantly hit the lip with maximum energy”.

 Gatien, being quite tall and thin (1m88 x 76Kg), needs some peculiar shapes to perform at his best:

  • Short enough to be maneuverable even when the conditions are really small (as often happens during the contests)
  • Fast and quick to deliver a style as dynamic and explosive as possible
  • With enough planning area and volume to carry his size.

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We make his boards reasonably short compared to his size (between 6‘0“ and 6‘2“), narrow (between 18.50“ and 18.75“) but quite thick (2.50“) with a tail a touch wider than normal…
A recipe that seems to work!

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In detail, the shape he was using in Peru, was a KingPin round tail, 6‘1“ x 18.50“ x 2.50“ – 29,9L. ID: 79,1.

For the past years Gatien has been mostly on Verdi/Icon models, but last Autumn he started to test few KingPins and since then it has become one of his favorite model (he’s still on a EPS/epoxy Witch for small waves).



The KingPin model is perfectly adapted for powerful and committed surfing in quality waves.

With a curvy rocker, a single concave running through the full length, plenty of volume under the front foot and a razor accurate thin tail, this deliver tons of drive when surfed hard on the rails.

Available with standard measurements or custom, well adapted to most conditions, the KingPin reveals its best qualities in beach breaks and punchy waves of every size.


If you want more information about this model, hit the link here:  –>KingPin

Interested in ordering a board tailored to your needs?  Go to –>Custom Made

If you didn’t see him in action yet, have a look at Gatien surfing at home last Autumn: