Does each shape have its special fins?

Our boards don’t come with fins. Such as shapes, fins must be chosen in terms of the size and style of the surfer. We have in store a wide choice of fins to satisfy everybody’s needs.

What are the models that have a quattro fins set-up?

All the models in our range can be equipped with a four fin configuration. For more details check the section fin system.

Can I ask for my board to have a convertible fin configuration?

We offer the possibility of a convert configuration on our entire range, to be able to switch from three fins to four on the same board. For more details check the section fin system.

Which fin system?

Our boards can be equipped with Futures fins, FCS II or FCS X2. For more details check the section fin system.

Can we ask for fixed fins?

We can equip the boards with fixed fins, with a price supplement. For more details check the section fin system.


Do you send boards? At which price?

We ship all over Europe. The prices depend on the delivery address. Contact us to get an accurate quote.

Is the packaging safe?

We have been shipping thousands of boards for many years and our packaging is generally very effective.


In which shops can I find RT boards?

See the section dealers to find the RT retailers.

Can I order a custom made RT board in a shop?

All the RT retailers can advise you how best to choose your custom-made board.

Can I directly order a board from RT?

If there’s no RT retailer in your area, you can contact us to order your board.
Check the section Custom to explore all the possibilities.

How much time does it take to have a custom made board?

Generally a custom made board is delivered within 2 to 4 weeks from the date of the order confirmation.

Board Art

Can we choose our decoration?

Each surfer can choose his own decoration. We offer a wide range of different techniques to satisfy all the requirements. Go explore the colors section to discover some examples that could inspire you.

How much does it cost to realize a decoration?

The price of a decoration depends on what you’re asking for, starting at 20/30 euros.


Can we choose each detail on our board or are they standard models?

Each model has its fundamental characteristics, generally the rocker, the concave and the proportions don’t change. On the other hand, length, width, thickness and the profile of the rails can be adapted to each surfer. We have created a “size chart” make it easy to spot the proportions of each shape.

Can you really do custom made boards with preshapes done on a machine?

We work with a software that has been created to draw boards, therefore we have the possibility to create and change each drawing. This allows us to study and change each detail to make custom made boards without any constraint. Rocker, outline, thickness, rail profile, concave… each aspect of the board is studied and optimized. To complete our drawing software, we have a machine that is shaping the entire board, rail profile and concave included. Thanks to that we can, at the same time, offer a tailored shape and keep great consistency in the production.

Can we ask for boards with channels?

We can realize channels on most of our shapes, with a price supplement.

Is it possible to order a model that isn't in the current range?

We keep all the old models in our records, therefore it is possible to order a shape that isn’t in the current range.

I have an old RT board that I love: is it possible to order the same one?

We keep the shape sheets of every board we build: by giving us the serial number of the old board, we can replicate the same shape.

Do you design retro boards? Longboards?

We do not realize longboards or retro boards. We are very demanding regarding our shapes, and we prefer to focus ourselves exclusively to the conception and the production of a complete range of shortboards.


Can we ask for different types of constructions, lighter or more solid boards?

We offer a wide choice of construction materials and possibilities to combine them as you wish. See the technology section for more informations.

Why have some boards got black bands over the tail?

The black bands over the tail are generally carbon reinforcements. The carbon reinforcements are very effective for surfers who push hard on the tail. We can include them in all the boards of our range. See the technology section for further informations.

Do you make EPS/Epoxy boards?

We can make the entire range of our boards in EPS/Epoxy. Check the technology section for more informations on the different options.

RT store

What are the opening hours of the RT store?

The RT store is open Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 12h30 and 14h00 to 19h00.

Can we also find accessories in the RT store?

We have a complete range of accessories from FCS, FuturesFins, Gorilla, Creatures of Leisure and some other labels. Contact us for further informations.

I heard about board testing: how does it work?

Some RT retailers have RT boards available for testing. See the dealers section to locate the test centre nearest to you. At the RTstore in Anglet you will be able to find most of our boards available for testing. To apply for a test you just have to come with an I.D. and fill out a form with your informations.
Each board is equipped with fins, pad, leash, and appropriate wax.

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